Announcing Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s 2018-2019 Season

Announcing MCT’s 2018-2019 Season

44th season bets on “A Time for Risk ”


Milwaukee, WI … Milwaukee Chamber Theatre (MCT) announces its 44th season, centered on “A Time for Risk.” These five productions in the 2018-2019 season – each of them daring to challenge your expectations – will be performed at the Broadway Theatre Center in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.


The season begins in August with a Midwest premiere that effortlessly blends legends of both history and mystery: SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE JERSEY LILY, by Katie Forgette, running August 9-26, 2018. The next month, we’re shifting to a bit of Irish storytelling with CHAPATTI, a late-in-life romance by Christian O’Reilly between two animal lovers who think their best days are behind them, from September 20 – October 14, 2018. Then, we offer a spectacular present for the holidays, a World Premiere from Wisconsin writer James DeVita! CHRISTMAS IN BABYLON, a contemporary family comedy with punch, pathos and pizza, will run November 21 – December 23, 2018.


In 2019, we will resume our season with STRANGE SNOW, Stephen Metcalfe’s beautiful tale about three loners – two damaged veterans of the Vietnam War and the sister of one – who slowly find their way to love and understanding with a little help from one another, running February 21 – March 17, 2019. And then, we’ll wrap up our season with BEN BUTLER, a uniquely comic piece of theatre by Richard Strand that tells the story of slaves who arrive at Fort Monroe seeking sanctuary in the early days of the Civil War, running April 11-28, 2019.


All productions will be presented at the Broadway Theatre Center, 158 N. Broadway, in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. Season tickets will go on sale in January, and single tickets in June. For more information, visit or call 414.276.8842.


Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s 2018-2019 Season:


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily

by Katie Forgette       August 9-26, 2018    Cabot Theatre



Midwest Premiere!

Directed by Marcella Kearns

Featuring Kay Allmand, Jesse Bhamrah, Karen Estrada, Brian Gill, Rick Pendzich, Ryan Schabach & Robert Spencer


Legendary actress Lillie Langtry has a big problem. She’s being blackmailed, by a man who has stolen highly intimate letters she exchanged with the Prince of Wales! When she turns to her dear friend, Oscar Wilde, he knows there is but one man who can solve the case: that master of detectives, the incomparable Sherlock Holmes!

History meets mystery in Katie Forgette’s delicious take on two of Britain’s greatest wits – one real, one fictional, both larger than life. The real mystery is why anyone would dare to miss it!


by Christian O’Reilly           Sept. 20 – Oct. 14, 2018        Studio Theatre



Directed by Michelle Lopez-Rios

Featuring James Tasse & Jenny Wanasek


Dan lives with an aching, broken heart, and only his faithful dog Chapatti for companionship. Betty spends her days with a litter or two of kittens and a bitter, aging employer to nurse. For both, romance is a distant memory – until a chance encounter brings these two lonely Irish hearts together for one more adventure.

Gracefully alternating between humorous Irish storytelling and soul-bearing dialogue, Christian O’Reilly’s story tells a poignant, gentle tale about rediscovering the importance of human connection.


Christmas In Babylon

by James DeVita       Nov. 21 – Dec. 23, 2018        Studio Theatre




Directed by C. Michael Wright

Featuring Niffer Clarke, Mary MacDonald Kerr, Tom Klubertanz, Eva Nimmer & Sara Zientek


Terry, Denise and daughter Abby McShane are a typical family in North Babylon, Long Island: blue-collar, lower-middle-class, and prone to sarcastic banter as their chief form of communication. Out of the blue, Terry is contacted by his ex-fiancee, Kathleen, a former Babylonian with an self-help empire. It’s a collision more than 25 years in the making. And it’s just the beginning.

From Wisconsin’s own James DeVita comes this World Premiere comedy about two people trying to find a way to forgive each other – and themselves – for the past.


Strange Snow

by Stephen Metcalfe            Feb. 21 – March 17, 2019      Studio Theatre



Directed by C. Michael Wright

Featuring Marques Causey, Krystal Drake & Di’Monte Henning


Both Megs and David survived the Vietnam War, but they’re having trouble surviving back home. This April morning, bright and early at 5 a.m., Megs is banging on his old buddy’s door announcing it’s the start of fishing season. He never suspects Martha, David’s older sister, will be the one to open the door — to a myriad of wondrous new possibilities.

Produced here with an African-American cast, Stephen Metcalfe’s Off-Broadway success is a truthful, solid portrayal of the emotional fallout that lingers long after the war is over.


Ben Butler

by Richard Strand     April 11-28, 2019       Cabot Theatre


Milwaukee Premiere!

Directed by Michael Cotey

Featuring Drew Brhel, Rasell Holt, David Sapiro & Chase Stoeger


A few months ago, General Benjamin Butler was a mere lawyer – until the Civil War began. Now he is in command of Fort Monroe, in southern Virginia, and the law of the United States says that the escaped slave who has demanded to see him must be returned to his owner. But this extremely singular and arrogant individual – one Shepard Mallory – makes quite a powerful case for himself.

Richard Strand’s splendid play defies simple characterization – part comedy, part historical drama, part biography, and often all at the same time!



Founded in 1975, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre (MCT) produces intimate, high-quality, professional theatrical works of literary merit that engage and challenge the audience, while employing and nurturing principally local theatre artists.  Under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director C. Michael Wright and Managing Director Kirsten Finn, MCT performs at the Broadway Theatre Center in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. For more information, visit




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