Your gift supports more than just entertainment excellence — it helps make our community a better place for ALL residents. In addition to sustaining local performing arts groups that touch lives, employ thousands of artists and boost the economy, together we provide educational programs for 83,940 children and increase access to essential platforms for expression and understanding.
The performing arts improve our children's academic performance, life skills and job readiness and foster inspiration, hope and connection that transform people’s lives and our communities. 

UPAF has a deep commitment to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion so everyone can be engaged and all voices can be heard. 

With a gift of $1,000 or more, you can designate a portion of your gift to one of these Community Impact Programs and change countless lives through the performing arts.

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Thanks to the generous support of community members like you, UPAF is also working tirelessly to support performing arts groups and artists who have been dramatically impacted by COVID-19, while also providing virtual programming to educate our children and lift community spirits during this time when in-person arts opportunities are not widely available.

Teacher at Cristo Rey Jesuit Academy, a UPAF Connect Partner Organization

The ability to share performing arts with young people is an amazing gift. When you get to open them up to multiple disciplines the gift exponentially grows. The beauty of the performing arts is that there is something to engage every part of your body and allows you to create from your toes to your brain. The confidence built in some of the students even after only 8 classes is undeniable. We can't thank you enough.

Teacher at Cristo Rey Jesuit Academy, a UPAF Connect Partner Organization