Ambassador Prop Shop


Ambassador Training Presentation
View a PowerPoint filled with Workplace Giving Campaign basics. CLICK HERE to watch a recording of the training.

Workplace Campaign Checklist
A checklist to easily plan your Workplace Giving Campaign from start to finish 

Workplace Giving Setup
Get easily and quickly set up for online pledging. We can also set up a site for your campaign special events. Contact your Campaign Coordinator for more information. 

Contact List
Use this sheet to find phone numbers and email addresses of UPAF staff and Campaign Coordinators.



Email Templates
This email series can be sent to employees at your workplace to kickoff your campaign, get people excited about the campaign and what UPAF does and then conclude the campaign. 

Campaign Activities & Enhancement Ideas
Use these to brainstorm fun activities for your campaign. 

Performance Guide
Use this resource to select UPAF Member or Affiliate performers or speakers to engage your employees during your campaign.

Performance Request Form - In Person
Performance Request Form - Virtual
Complete and submit either the virtual or in-person request form to your Campaign Coordinator to schedule your Workplace Giving performer.

Zoom/Teams Backgrounds
Use these fun backgrounds during your virtual campaign events. 

Photos & Graphics
Use these to customize and enhance your own marketing materials.

Social Media Assets
Share information about the UPAF Campaign on social media!

UPAF logos in a variety of colors.

Brochures & Posters
View, share or print the UPAF brochure, poster and other information. 

Give & Win Incentives Sweepstakes
Share this document to get your colleagues excited about participating in the UPAF Campaign. 

UPAF Fast Facts
Find answers to questions that your colleagues may ask about UPAF and the performing arts.

About UPAF Members & Affiliates
Learn about the 55 organizations you support with your gift to UPAF.

What Your Dollar Does
This illustrates what a donation to UPAF can mean to a Performing Arts Member or child in our community.

Workplace Campaign Video Assets
Enhance your campaign with inspiring performances, testimonials and more

In-Kind Form
You may give this optional form to companies or individuals who donate items, services or experiences to be used as prizes and incentives during your workplace giving campaign. 


Affinity Groups

Next Generation UPAF, presented by Johnson Controls
This donor affinity program brings together donors in their 20s, 30s and 40s committed to engagement in the performing arts.

UPAF Notable Women, presented by BMO
This donor affinity program brings together a powerful group of women dedicated to improving our community through philanthropy, service and advocacy.


Community Impact Programs

UPAF Bright Minds, presented by We Energies Foundation
Delivering high-quality arts education programming to more than 50,000 students

UPAF Connect, presented by Northwestern Mutual
Ensuring everyone has the chance to embrace the magic of music, dance and theater through partnerships with local nonprofits.

UPAF Kasey's Fund, presented by MGIC
Enhancing the accessibility of the arts by eliminating barriers for people with special needs and other physical and mental considerations.



Envelope Checklist