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UPAF Member Group Performance and Testimonial Videos

Use these wonderful assets from UPAF Member Groups to enhance your campaign!



First Stage

Education Programming Overview (2:14) 

Julia Magnasco, Director of Programming, speaks about First Stage Education programs as well as giving a look at their traveling school show The Three Little Pigs.


Preview of Dancing Granny (2:25)

Artistic director Jeff Frank speaks about the First Stage production of Dancing Granny, done in partnership with Ko-Thi Dance Company


Amplify Series Overview (2:18)

Artistic Director Jeff Frank speaks about First Stage’s Amplify series, showcasing diversity through the performing arts.


Testimonial from Managing Director and First Stage Parent (4:41)

First Stage Managing Director Betsy Corry and First Stage parent Stacy Madson speak about the power of First Stage in the lives of young people.


Student Testimonial and Performance (7:53)

Young performers Michael Loomans and Bryn Dresslhuys share how First Stage has impacted them followed by a performance of the song “Light” from the musical Next to Normal.


Florentine Opera 

Testimonial and Performance - Janna Ernst (2:24) 

Hear from Florentine vocal coach and accompanist Janna Ernst about how her family has found their artistic home in Milwaukee and view a performance of an Opera classic.  


Testimonial from Baumgartner Studio Artist Ardeen Pierre (3:37)  


Testimonial from Florentine pianist Edward Forstman (1:11)  


Testimonial from Baumgartner Studio Artist Taylor Alexis Dupont (1:42)  


Behind the Scenes in the Costume Shop (7:07)

See the Florentine Opera costume shop and learn about the steps it takes to costume a production.  


Milwaukee Ballet 

Behind the Scenes at the Costume Shop (2:49)

Milwaukee Ballet Costume Manager gives a behind the scenes look at the costume shop.


Dancer Testimonials (3:01)

Two Milwaukee Ballet Company dancers share their experiences as artists in our community.


Testimonials from Company Dancers (1:52) 

Learn about how the Milwaukee Ballet is taking advantage of these unique times from Company Dancers.  


A Look at the Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy (0:41) 

The Milwaukee Ballet School and Academy General Director shares how they have continued to successfully operate throughout the pandemic. 


Testimonial from Ballet Academy Student (2:10)

Hear from Ballet Academy student Lindsey Crivello.


Milwaukee Rep 

Artist Interview - Steve Watts (2:16)

Interview with Milwaukee-based actor/musician Steve Watts, now appearing in Piano Men


Community Partnership Project (3:47)

Take a look at The Decameron Project, a Milwaukee Rep partnership with Metcalfe Park Community Bridges


Guest Responder during ACT II Programming  - De'Shawn Ewing (5:13)

De’Shawn Ewing, Family Injury and Violence Prevention Program Coordinator for the City of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention, joins us as a Guest Responder during the ACT II programming for "Antonio's Song / I Was Dreaming of a Son."


Backstage Tour (4:53)

Go behind the scenes on a backstage tour of the Milwaukee Rep!


Performance - Kelley Faulkner & Rick Pendzich (2:10)

A performance of “Football is Like Love” from Dad’s Season Tickets, performed by Kelley Faulkner & Rick Pendzich.


Performance Excerpt - A Christmas Carol (2:24)

An excerpt from A Christmas Carol


Inside Look at Props: Stage Blood (21:52)

Learn about the art of stage blood with Milwaukee Rep Properties Manager Jim Guy


Time Lapse Load In (0:36 seconds)

See a time lapse load in of the production of A Christmas Carol in the Pabst Theatre.


August Wilson Competition Overview (2:28) 

Hear about students in the Greater Milwaukee Area participating in the national August Wilson Monologue Competition through the Milwaukee Rep.  


Reading Residency Program Overview 

Learn about the Milwaukee Rep’s Reading Residency Program, where local students receiving reading lessons in the context of one of the Rep’s mainstage productions.  


Performance by Milwaukee Rep Artists 

Enjoy a beautiful performance of “Wheels of a Dream” from the musical RAGTIME, performed by countless Rep artists.  


Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 

Performance at Bradley Symphony Center (2:08)

MSO performance at Bradley Symphony Center


Performance Excerpt - De Falla (1:37)

MSO performs excerpt from De Falla


Education Programming Overview (2:46)

MSO Director of Education Rebecca Whitney Education gives an overview of their education programming.


Virtual ACE Experience: Milwaukee Jazz Experience (37:30) 

Experience one of Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's Arts in Community Education programs.  


Skylight Music Theatre 

Testimonial and Performance - Joey Chelius (5:21)

Skylight performer Joey Chelius shares about his involvement in the Milwaukee arts scene followed by a performance.


Testimonial and Performance - Kevin Sievert  (3:33)

Enjoy a performance of "Out There" from THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, performed by local artist Kevin Sievert.  


Composition of KidsWrites Songs (3:07)

Artist Christie-Chilies Twillie shares what is was like to compose music for Skylight’s outreach program KidsWrites followed by a performance of that song by KidsWrites cast member Joey Chelius.


KidsWrites Overview and Performance (3:59)

Skylight Education Manager Amanda Rosmann gives an overview of their KidsWrites, followed by a performance of a student written song.



Bel Canto Chorus 

Testimonials from Bel Canto Singers (4:54)

Hear from Bel Canto singers about their experiences throughout the pandemic.


Bel Canto Chorus Performance (6:18)

Bel Canto Chorus singing: “Movement 12: Child of Wonder,” an excerpt from The Sacred Veil by Eric Whitacre.


Black Arts MKE

About Black Arts MKE (1:36)

Overview of Black Arts MKE.


Black Arts MKE: Black Nativity Youth Matinee (2:59)

Hear student reactions following the student matinee of Black Nativity.



Danceworks Performance – Winter of Gratitude (8:24) 

Watch a performance from Danceworks, the first of a four part series entitled Winter of Gratitude. This intergenerational cast highlights the diversity of Danceworks’ program offerings.                         


Danceworks - Community Outreach Programming Overview (3:18) 

Learn how Danceworks brings the excitement of dance to all through their Community Outreach Programming, including Mad Hot Rhythm and community partnerships with Alice’s Garden and St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care.      


Testimonial about Danceworks Intergenerational Programming (5:46)

Hear from 50+ Ballet instructor Melissa Anderson.  


Performer Testimonial - Alisha Jin (3:56)

Testimonial from Danceworks MKE company dancer Alisha Jin.  


Milwaukee Chamber Theatre 

Associate Artistic Director Testimonial - Marcella Kearns (2:24)

MCT Associate Artistic Director Marcella Kearns speaks to the importance of the arts in our community and society.


Actor Testimonial - DiMonte Henning (3:43) 

Hear about the importance of the performing arts from actor DiMonte Henning while enjoying excerpts of his performances at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre.  


Artistic Director Testimonial - Brent Hazelton (2:20)

Artistic Director Brent Hazelton shares information on Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and the role support of the community plays in their organization.


About Education Programs (2:51)

Associate Artistic Director Marcella Kearns & Education Associate Samantha Martinson speak about MCT’s education programs.


Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) 

MYSO Artistic Director and ‘A Day in the Life’ at MYSO (6:04)

Carter Simmons, Artistic Director of MYSO shares an overview of the organization followed by a behind the scenes look of a “Day in the Life” at MYSO.  


Student Testimonial and Performance (6:19)

Testimonial from Senior Symphony & Chamber Orchestra member Noor Salameh followed by string quartet performance.  


Student Testimonial and Jazz Studies Overview (1:57)

Testimonial from jazz pianist Lucas LaBeau followed by overview of Jazz Studies program.  


Performance from Calypso Steel Pan Orchestra (2:51) 

Enjoy a performance of “Under the Sea” by MYSO’s Calypso steel pan orchestra.  


Performance from the Senior Symphony (3:06) 

Hear from a MYSO Senior Symphony student and enjoy a performance from this group.  


Prelude Orchestra Performance (2:09) 

Hear from a MYSO student about her experiences in MYSO followed by a performance by the Prelude Orchestra.  


Next Act 

Overview of Next Act’s Education Programs (6:46)  


Behind the Scenes of Next Act Theatre (2:34) 

Learn more about the mission and work of Next Act Theatre and how contributing to UPAF impacts their organization.  


The Next Best Thing: Volunteer Testimonial - Dave Glenn (4:40)

A chat about the importance of theatre and arts in Milwaukee with Next Act volunteer Dave Glenn.  


The Next Best Thing: Interview with Actor & Board Member Mohammad ElBsat (5:29)

An interview with Next Act Actor and Board Member Mohammad ElBsat.  


The Next Best Thing: Donor Testimonial - Patty Compton (6:32)

A chat with Next Act donor and patron Patty Compton donor about why she supports Next Act Theater and UPAF.  


Present Music 

Present Music & UPAF (2:15)

Present Music Co-Artistic Director Eric Segnitz speaks about Present Music’s mission and the history of their collaboration with UPAF


Co-Artistic Director Testimonial - David Bloom (2:36) 

Hear from Present Music Co-Artistic Director David Bloom about what a gift to UPAF does to support Present Music as well as enjoy a performance from their ensemble.                                


Renaissance Theaterworks

Performance of Old Milwaukee by Frogwater (3:24)

Enjoy a performance of “Old Milwaukee” by acoustic duo Frogwater, representing Renaissance Theaterworks.




Darby’s Dancers

Program Overview (3:22)

Learn more about Darby's Dancers, a nonprofit organization that serves children with special needs develop a love for dance.


Forte Theatre Company

Testimonial by Youth Actor Layla Katers (4:02)


Kettle Moraine Symphony Orchestra 

Testimonials from Musicians (6:39)

00:21 Principal Bass player testimonial, 1:28 2nd Violinist player testimonial, 2:14 Trumpet player testimonial, 5:06 UPAF Shout out from Principal trumpet player.  

Kids From Wisconsin

Overview of MKE Urban Residencies (2:18)

Hear an overview of Kids from Wisconsin's MKE Urban Residencies.

Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra 

Hear from Executive Director Ashley Rewolinski and Concertmaster Lisa Gauslow (6:05)

Executive Director Ashley Rewolinski speaking. First minute she speaks about her experience with MYSO growing up. At 2:16, Concertmaster Lisa Gauslow discusses LGSO and the impact of the pandemic on the LGSO.  


Latino Strings  

Student Testimonials (6:20)

1:21 student testimonial #1, 4:22 student testimonial #2 interspersed with performance video of Latino Strings performing at the Milwaukee Art Musuem  


Performance of "El Pijul" (7:19)

Learn about the Latino Strings program from director Dinorah Marquez and enjoy a performance of “El Pijul.”


Milwaukee Opera Theatre

Artist Testimonials (8:11)

Four local artists — Adam Qutaishat, Christal Wagner, Austin Bare & Elizabeth Blood — speak to their transformative experiences working with Milwaukee Opera Theatre. 


Optimist Theatre


Testimonial and Excerpt from 'No Holds Bard' (7:13)

Learn about Optimist Theatre from Executive Director Susan Fry and enjoy an excerpt from their web series No Holds Bard.


See Photos of the Recent Shakespeare in the Park Performance by Optimist Theatre (3:00)  



Program Overview (7:09)

Pink Umbrella

Accessible Theater for All (3:33)

An overview of Pink Umbrella Company programming


A Look at a Class (4:08)

Get a behind the scenes look at an arts education class through Pink Umbrella Theatre Co., who seeks to provide arts programming that is accessible and inclusive with people who identify with a physical, intellectual or emotional disability.


Programming Overview (3:54)

See how Pink Umbrella has adapted its programming focused on accessibility and inclusion in the arts to fit our virtual world.


Sunset Playhouse

Student Testimonial and ASL Performance (7:09)

Renee Harris student of Sunset Playhouses educational program shares about her experiences with Sunset Playhouse followed by an ASL performance of “I See Stars” from Mean Girls the Musical.



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