On Milwaukee Pens Article About Al Jarreau Op-Ed for UPAF


The United Performing Arts Fund is underway with a fund drive that is critically important to the world of performing arts in Milwaukee.

Last year, UPAF donated over $9.1 million to performing arts groups, both big and small. Without that money, our cultural landscape would be very dim.

As a part of the fund drive, UPAF got world-famous singer Al Jarreau, a Milwaukee native, to write an op-ed piece to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the value of arts. That piece ignited a spark that leaders in Milwaukee should heed.

“The arts can save our families and our communities,” Jarreau wrote. “A young person who has a trumpet or ballet slippers or some paint brushes in his bag is probably not also carrying a weapon. As a community, working together, we must collaborate to bring arts and culture back into the schools.”

On Milwaukee Pens Article About Al Jarreau Op-Ed for UPAF

For the rest of the article at OnMilwaukee.com, follow the link above.

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