Milwaukee Biz Times Covers UPAF 2017 – 2018 Affiliate Announcement

UPAF announces grants for small performing arts organizations

15 groups will recieve $98,000

The United Performing Arts Fund announced today it is allocating $98,150 to several small performing arts organizations through the fund’s annual affiliate grant program.

UPAF, an umbrella nonprofit that solicits donations on behalf of local performing arts organizations, has selected 15 organizations as affiliates.

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy students perform at UPAF’s 50th anniversary campaign celebration.

Organizations that performed at UPAF campaign events will receive additional funding totaling $39,342. And, this year, Johnson Controls International and Briggs and Stratton Corp gave additional contributions of $15,000 and $5,000, respectively.

In all, UPAF affiliates will receive $152,492 in funding this year. They include:

  • Black Arts MKE, Inc.: $19,435
  • Milwaukee Opera Theatre: $9,885
  • Festival City Symphony: $11,750
  • Latino Arts, Inc.: $15,500
  • Sharon Lynne Wilson Center: $10,000
  • Theatre Gigante: $4,500
  • Darby’s Dancers: $2,000
  • Frankly Music, Inc.: $4,500
  • Windfall Theatre: $3,000
  • Wild Space Dance Company: $6,000
  • Racine Symphony Orchestra: $23,547
  • In Tandem Theatre, Inc.: $26,375
  • Wisconsin Philharmonic: $2,000
  • Kettle Moraine Symphony: $4,000
  • Above the Clouds: $10,000

UPAF recently announced its largest-ever allocation of $9.3 million to its member groups. The majority of the funding goes to the fund’s six cornerstone groups, which include the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, First Stage Theater, Skylight Music Theatre, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Milwaukee Ballet and the Florentine Opera Company.

“On our 50th anniversary year, we’re again pleased to support performing arts groups from throughout the region,” said Deanna Tillisch, president and CEO of UPAF. “The Affiliate Program enables UPAF to provide additional financial resources to support smaller organizations that play an important role in supporting the creative vibrancy of our community.”

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