WTMJ Radio Hosts Aaron Harburg to Promote UPAF Campaign Launch

WTMJ Radio Hosts Aaron Harburg to Promote UPAF Campaign Launch

(Follow the link above to hear audio for the entire interview)

Tonight, the United Performing Arts Fund is channeling its inner Wizard of Oz to launch its latest fundraising campaign.

The campaign begins tonight with an event at the Pfister Hotel with the great grandson of “Over the Rainbow” co-writer Yip Harburg, Aaron Harburg.

“I think about how many people have been impacted by that song,” he told 620 WTMJ’s John Mercure and Erik Bilstad on “Wisconsin’s Afternoon News.”

“Not only does everyone recognize that song, but they usually have a story about how it has impacted them.”

Aaron said Yip was a major supporter of the arts in general – which made it more meaningful to have UPAF approach him as part of their campaign.

“It’s incredible that UPAF is choosing to use (him) as sort of their inspiration for various forms of arts,” said Aaron.

“A lot of times, regional theaters have a hard time putting on productions. UPAF provides a lot of fiscal support for these 15 organizations which, by themselves, wouldn’t be able to pull off the various performances that they do.”

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