CBS 58: United Performing Arts Fund continues Ride For The Arts Series fundraiser

CBS 58 | June 13, 2021

BROOKFIELD, WIs. (CBS 58) -- The United Performing Arts Fund, or UPAF, held it's second event as part of their Ride For The Arts Series Sunday, June 13.

Hundreds of people turned out to take part in Sunday's fundraiser in Brookfield.

People associated with the organization told CBS 58 News the performing arts have been hit hard during the pandemic, with theaters and schools forced to temporarily close.

"More than ever, we need to help support them to ensure them that they can back on stage this fall," said Katie Korek, the PR Senior Specialist at UPAF. "While we're looking optimistic that's going to happen, it's the long term effects of the pandemic. It's not just we're open and good. It's something we're going to have to work with for the next several years and event like this play a big role in doing that."

UPAF's third and final event for the fundraiser is June 27th.

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