United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) Announces Total Donor Support of $10,782,496 for the 2022 Campaign

UPAF | September 27, 2022

The United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) announced this evening at its Finale celebration that the 2022 UPAF Annual Campaign received more than $10,782,496 from 13,400 donors to provide critical support for local performing arts organizations.

The above total includes $10,121,262 of Campaign fundraising dollars and $661,234 from a bequest that will be directed to UPAF reserves for future use in aiding the long-term health of the performing arts sector.

“As UPAF Performing Arts Members and Affiliates faced a collective loss of $38 million over the past three seasons and are embarking on a season without a guarantee of additional government funding, these organizations are more dependent on community support than ever,” said President & CEO Patrick Rath. “We want to thank the thousands of generous UPAF donors who recognize the impact a vibrant arts community has on our region and humanity.”

A total of $8,267,000 will be allocated to a record 47 performing arts organizations throughout Eastern Wisconsin. Of this total, $7,976,806, or 96%, is allocated to UPAF’s 14 Members. This total includes a special one-time COVID Relief distribution of $700,000 from UPAF’s reserves to support the critical need of UPAF Members at this time. The remainder, $290,194, or 4% is distributed as one-year grant awards to 33 UPAF Affiliates for unrestricted use. A special one-time distribution of $50,000 from UPAF reserves is included in this total to further expand the Affiliate Program’s diversity and geographic reach.

Collectively, UPAF Members and Affiliates expect to reach upwards of 700,000 people throughout Eastern Wisconsin for the 2022-23 season. Funding raised from the 2022 UPAF Campaign supports the 2022-23 performing arts season that is fully underway.  UPAF donors continue to significantly support educational programming for children in schools and neighborhoods and as a result increase accessibility to the arts for those with financial barriers or disabilities.

Throughout the 2021/22 season, UPAF Members presented over 1,500 performances representing diverse voices and expanded access to the performing arts, including more than 650 free community events. Through UPAF Bright Minds arts education grant program, Members provide approximately 50,000 students with high quality, immersive arts education programming both inside and outside of the classroom each year.

The UPAF Affiliate Program underscores the diverse and vibrant cultural eco-system present in our community, tripling in size over the past three years. UPAF Affiliates now represent five counties with an increasing diversity of backgrounds, with 20% of Affiliates BIPOC led and focused on BIPOC programming.

About UPAF

The United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) has been setting the stage since 1967 by providing critical investment in our region’s vibrant performing arts scene. UPAF’s mission is to secure community resources, promote the performing arts as a regional asset and improve the quality of life through responsible investment in and financial support of the performing arts in Eastern Wisconsin. UPAF proudly bears Charity Navigator’s highest distinction for nonprofits – a four-star rating – and is the No. 1 united performing arts fund in the country in terms of dollars raised.

With generous community support, UPAF funds 47 diverse local performing arts organizations that provide our community with the best of music, dance, song and theater. In addition to entertainment excellence, these organizations provide transformative educational programs for local children, ensure that individuals from marginalized neighborhoods have opportunities to participate in the arts and expand arts access for people with disabilities.