The United Performing Arts Fund Awards Annual Stiemke Award to Stephen Marcus

UPAF | December 23, 2022

MILWAUKEE  – The United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) awarded the annual Stiemke Award to Stephen Marcus, recognizing his great dedication and service to the performing arts sector.

The Mrs. Walter H. Stiemke Award is UPAF’s most significant annual honor. Named for Olive Stiemke who was a constant advocate for our community and a champion for philanthropy, this award is made to an individual who, over an extended period of time, has made a significant contribution to UPAF as a volunteer, member of the UPAF Board or Board of a Member, personal contributor, supporter of the United Fund concept and an overall leader in the arts community. 

Stephen Marcus alongside his family have generously supported the United Performing Arts Fund, serving as passionate leaders who share community and philanthropic values that guide their employee support of the performing arts community. Steve demonstrated his service to the performing arts as a co-chair of the 17th UPAF Community Campaign in 1983 with Roxy Heyse and developed the first workplace giving campaigns for UPAF, a fundraising practice that now accounts for one third of all UPAF annual fundraising.

“The United Performing Arts Fund simply would not be what it is today without the generous contributions of Stephen Marcus and his family,” said Patrick Rath, UPAF President and CEO. “Following in the footsteps of his parents Ben and Celia, Stephen is a true demonstration of what charitable giving should be and we are so thankful that he has chosen the performing arts to be one of the primary beneficiaries of his generosity.”

Most recent recipients of the Stiemke Award include Paul Purcell, Jon VanDrisse, Donna and Donald Baumgartner, Linda Mellowes and Alec Fraser.

About UPAF

The United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) has been setting the stage since 1967 by providing critical investment in our region’s vibrant performing arts scene. UPAF’s mission is to secure community resources, promote the performing arts as a regional asset and improve the quality of life through responsible investment in and financial support of the performing arts in Eastern Wisconsin. UPAF proudly bears Charity Navigator’s highest distinction for nonprofits – a four-star rating – and is the No. 1 united performing arts fund in the country in terms of dollars raised.

With generous community support, UPAF funds 47 diverse local performing arts organizations that provide our community with the best of music, dance, song and theater. In addition to entertainment excellence, these organizations provide transformative educational programs for local children, ensure that individuals from marginalized neighborhoods have opportunities to participate in the arts and expand arts access for people with disabilities.