Frank Almond Plays Bruch

Frank Almond Plays Bruch

Anna Thorvaldsdottir

Violin Concerto No. 1

Symphonic Dances

Aeriality refers to the state of gliding through the air with nothing or little to hold on to – as if flying – and the music both portrays the feeling of absolute freedom,” says composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir of her spellbinding work which opens these concerts.  The program continues with one of the most legendary and beloved works for the instrument: Bruch’s Violin Concerto, performed here by current Artistic Advisor and former Concertmaster Frank Almond, returning to the MSO stage.  Rachmaninoff’s final composition, Symphonic Dances, is an orchestral suite in three movements: a frantic dance with Russian flair, a restless and colorful waltz, and finally a struggle ending with a great triumph.


Fri Oct 15

11:15 AM - 1:15 PM

Sat Oct 16

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM