A Stage for All

UNITE with UPAF for ‘A Stage for All’

Stories, music and movement sustain and inspire us during difficult times, but the exceptional local performing arts groups that foster connection, hope and creativity are at risk. The only constant that these groups can rely on during this time is the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF), and UPAF only exists because of the strong support of donors like you.

Join the community coming together to sustain UPAF’s 14 performing arts Member Groups that uplift and strengthen Southeastern Wisconsin, including educating more than 100,000 local children, when you UNITE with UPAF for “A Stage for All.”

Support of this year’s UPAF Campaign is critical in ensuring that UPAF Member Groups can continue positively impacting our region, both now and into the future, and working for “A Stage for All,” where everyone in our community can access the arts — on stage, behind the scenes and in the audience.

National act Black Violin on stage with local students

UPAF is the single largest contributor to each of its Member Groups and these groups are relying on UPAF funding more than ever. They have suffered significant losses, including layoffs and furloughs, but because of UPAF support, they have been able to pivot and innovate to keep providing virtual and safe in-person experiences that nourish our spirits and educate local children. Performances and educational programming look a little different this year, but the commitment from UPAF and its Member Groups to provide “A Stage for All” is unwavering.

On top of the cultural and educational value, the local performing arts scene generates millions of dollars in event-related spending above the price of a ticket, contributing significantly to other industries such as tourism, restaurants, bars and parking. On both a spiritual and material level, we need the arts to help us climb out of the pandemic back to a strong, vibrant region.

Girl in wheel chair ballet dancing

The importance of arts experiences that inspire and connect has been amplified due to the challenges that we are facing as a nation. COVID-19 has increased social and emotional isolation, especially for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. The arts play an important role in bringing us together, whether virtually or in-person, and fostering hope. The arts also provide essential platforms for expression and understanding that are part of the solution with issues that plague our community, such as social injustice and racism.

UPAF has been working for “A Stage for All” — ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion within the arts — for years. This work has a variety of facets, including the development of robust arts education and outreach programs providing meaningful experiences for local children and individuals from underserved neighborhoods, and is continually evolving. 

Because of the extraordinary commitment of UPAF and its Member Groups, UPAF arts education and outreach programs continue to nourish and uplift our community during these unprecedented times.


A couple singing on stage

We need your support so UPAF Member Groups can weather the storm and continue to inspire hope, foster connection, boost the economy and contribute to positive change. Please UNITE with UPAF for “A Stage for All” by making your donation today.