UPAF Speaker’s Bureau

Need a speaker for your meeting or community event? 

Schedule a UPAF representative to learn more about one of our region’s greatest assets: the performing arts.

And, how UPAF has been supporting them for 50 years! 

Your audience will find out just how our world-class performing arts scene makes Southeastern Wisconsin a great place to live, work and play, as well as the impact UPAF has made in our community for over the past 50 years!

Speaker topics can be tailored to focus on the particular benefits of the performing arts, including:

  • The History of UPAF and the Performing Arts
  • Arts Education
  • The Economic Impact of the Arts
  • Community Engagement through the Performing Arts
  • The Performing Arts in Waukesha County

Contact Katie Korek at 414-239-6274 or via email to arrange for a UPAF speaker!


Speakers Bureau

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