A Stage For All

UPAF's Podcast about the Performing Arts

UPAF's "A Stage for All" podcast is an engaging exploration of the impact the arts have in our lives and communities. It includes interviews with those who bring the performing arts to local stages, classrooms, community centers and even hospitals. Learn how UPAF Member Groups positively affect Eastern Wisconsin, get to know the locals who bring color to our city and get the latest on the "State of the Arts." 


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Episode 4: The Cultural Impact of the Arts

This week's episode brings you two interviews with dynamic women at the helm of two of Milwaukee's most unique and essential performing arts organizations: Dinorah Marquez of the Latino Arts String Program and Barbara Wanzo of Black Arts MKE.

Dinorah and Barbara speak to what is gained when all students, artists and audiences have the opportunity to engage with art reflective of their heritage and culture.

Episode 3:  Healing Through the Arts

This week we examine how the arts help children process and express their thoughts and feelings, especially right now when they are experiencing many complex emotions.

Kathy Thornton-Bias, President & CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, and Catie O’Donnell, theater teacher at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, join us to share their experience and insights.

"Kids need opportunities to have their voices heard," says Kathy. "They may not be able to express it in a way that adults understand, but they are processing it with the vocabulary and emotion that they have at their disposal at that age and they are very much wanting to express what they think and what they feel." 

This episode includes information on programs and resources that UPAF Member Groups are offering for youth during this time, as well as some tips for parents looking to support their kids' creative expression this summer.

Episode 2:  Amplifying the Voices of Young People

Erica Breitbarth, a music educator with Milwaukee Public Schools’ Reagan High School, joins us this week to talk about her passion for music and education.  She shares how the arts are critical to giving students a voice, and how arts education shapes the futures of young adults. 

Read more about Erica and her recognition by the Grammy Foundation.

Listen to the full performance of the virtual choir. 

Episode 1:  The Transformative Power of Music

Our podcast series kicks off with a very special guest, musician Willy Porter.  Willy Porter continues on a musical and personal odyssey spanning over two decades, 11 albums, and multiple continents. His journey has been defined by an inquisitive love for humanity and the language that describes what we all hold to be true. Porter’s songs weave a universal perspective about the questions, struggles, and triumphs of human existence.

Listen for an inspiring and insightful conversation with Willy about the role music has played in his personal life and why he believes it to be crucial to all of humanity.