First Stage helped my daughter overcome shyness, build confidence and helped her believe she really could do anything she wanted to do – without fear. And for my son, who struggled with depression, attention deficit disorder, and a math learning disability, First Stage was a safe haven. First Stage is where my kids grew the most, made their best life friends, and found their voices and their hearts.

Judi W., First Stage Academy parent

First Stage

Collaborating with Present Music has been a success on many fronts. As an inner-city, environmental educational center it was great for us to expand our boundaries and host a program that emphasizes the arts (in this case music) to inspire kids to explore and learn more about their surroundings. For some, this might be the only chance to learn about the environment full-front, or express themselves musically with others, or even be able to perform in front of their peers.

Mike Zang, Community Program Educator, Urban Ecology Center, Washington Park Branch on Present Music

Present Music

The young performers I have worked with at First Stage, who seem to have all gone through some Academy experience, are amongst the most disciplined and conscientious actors I have worked with in 40 years making my living as an actor. I think a good actor is a good human being so it follows that ‘life skills through stage skills’ is working very well.

Mark Metcalf, Actor

First Stage

I had the opportunity to join you for the premiere performance of Río de Sangre last evening. Wow! Powerful. Intense. Passionate. Emotionally charged – just a few phrases I would use to describe the opera. I was thrilled to hear the powerful presence of both singers and orchestra. Tutti bravi to all. I was thrilled by it all.

Audience email to Florentine Opera Company

Florentine Opera Company

It is a special and unique opportunity for our urban Hispanic Youth to have access to dance and ballet. Every time you come, the playground is full of chassés, prancing and the occasional grand jeté. ¡Mil gracias!

Deidre G.

Milwaukee Ballet

The play Winter Voices provided not only an entertaining performance but an educational experience for all who were touched by the talents of the performers. It is this type of programming that helps all people to experience the diversity within our communities and to help us to better understand others often different than ourselves.

Greg Johns, American Indian Student Services, MATC Milwaukee, on Milwaukee Public Theatre’s Winter Voices performance

Milwaukee Public Theatre

I’m very excited about the All City People’s Parade and I’m hoping we continue to work on it because I think it’s very, very good for the city. I enthusiastically endorse the All-City People’s Parade and Pageant for its efforts to celebrate Milwaukee’s civic identity, creativity and unity. I encourage all Milwaukeeans to partake in this public celebration of the arts and I wish you continued success in all future endeavors.

Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Mayor

Milwaukee Public Theatre

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