TMJ4: Staying Connected to the Arts During Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain: we all need some entertainment. But with theaters and venues closed, seeing our favorite performers live is not possible for the time being. The artists themselves are also finding this hard, especially when it is their livelihood that is affected.

BizTimes: UPAF member groups project $8.3 million loss in revenue

The 14 Milwaukee-area arts organizations supported by the United Performing Arts Fund are projecting a collective $8.3 million loss in revenue this season due to canceled performances and events. Among those groups, a total of 509 performances have been canceled, and 500 employees have been furloughed, laid off or experienced salary cuts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Milwaukee Business Journal :UPAF extends campaign as Milwaukee arts groups lose $8.3M in revenue so far

Like many businesses, Milwaukee-area performing arts groups are fighting to remain viable during the pandemic and a significant funding source — United Performing Arts Fund — is striving to run its annual campaign despite the economic downturn.

CBS 58: Artists take to social media for new ways to inspire, survive during COVID-19 pandemic

Artists are working to find new and different ways to support themselves during the difficult times brought on by COVID-19.

TMJ4: Art groups post live performances in support of UPAF

How do you conduct a workplace giving campaign when so few people are actually at work? It's one of the many challenges facing the United Performing Arts Fund as it strives to support its member groups in southeast Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Business Journal: UPAF kicks off 2020 campaign with goal for Kasey's Fund and the new Race the Hoan

United Performing Arts Fund president and CEO Deanna Tillisch kicked off her last fundraising campaign with the united arts fund with a pair of special initiatives: the official launch of the Kasey's Fund Initiative and an addition to the UPAF Ride for the Arts — a special bike race across the Hoan Bridge.

TMJ4 Morning Blend - A Stage for All: Providing Accessibility in the Arts

Deanna Tillisch, President and CEO of United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF), is on a mission to make the magic of the arts available to all.

WISN Arts Avenue: UPAF launches 2020 campaign

"A Stage For All" aims to spread the impact of arts to more communities.

United Performing Arts Fund hopes to bring in $250,000 in new fundraising campaign

Deanna Tillisch has led the organization to staggering fundraising totals, and has cast a wider net in a continuing effort to reach more people through the arts. Her inspiration to that end is deeply personal.

United Performing Arts Fund searches for new president, CEO

The United Performing Arts Fund is looking for a new president and CEO. UPAF’s current leader, Deanna Tillisch, is leaving the organization this fall.