Milwaukee Ballet supports #ballet4boys with free boys’ class

— National dance community responds positively to negative comments from GMA host  


MILWAUKEE August 26, 2019 — Milwaukee Ballet has joined the international ballet community in speaking out against negative stereotypes about boys in ballet, following the viral response against Lara Spencer and her faux pas on Good Morning America last week.


Artistic Director Michael Pink said this has been an uplifting weekend for male dancers as the community of dance fans has supported them and the bravery it often takes to pursue this artform.


“It’s a shame that in 2019 we still have to reiterate that ballet is for everyone. This artform took shape in the 17th century, when a French King – who was himself a ballet dancer – started the Paris Opera Ballet.


“Boys learning ballet is as old as the artform itself,” explained Pink.

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy hosts two classes, specifically for boys and is offering a week’s free trial for any boys in the community wanting to try it for the first time.


Boys will gain flexibility and coordination through ballet classes that transfer equally to artistic and athletic endeavors.


“We have many wonderful female dancers in our school and company, but we need more boys!”


Interested families should contact Milwaukee Ballet at 414-902-2149 or to discuss the boys’ class and to learn more about ballet.


Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy begins its school year on Tuesday September 3rd. Boys classes take place at the new Baumgartner Center for Dance in the Third Ward.

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