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UPAF: Art at the heart of who we are

(3.21.16) We live in a world dominated by science, mathematics and engineering. It’s the hot ticket in education. It’s what powers our new companions, our cellphones. It’s the keystone to modern life.

But this is not the plant Vulcan. Mankind does not live by equations alone. It is the arts that make the world worth living. They give insight into the human spirit, rekindle our imagination and make us laugh and cry and feel. Art looks into our hearts and souls and excites the right side of our brain the way logical pursuits stimulate the other hemisphere.

We spend a lot of money on technology, but what do we give to sustain the arts that are the lifeblood of our community? Right now, the United Performing Arts Fund is in the midst of a drive to bring one slice of that art to our own backyard. While it is true, many UPAF-backed organizations are in Milwaukee, the patrons and beneficiaries come from right next door. One in every four residents in our area attends shows supported by UPAF. In addition, more than 50,000 Waukesha County student groups interact with UPAF member groups each year, to say nothing of the visits made by the troupes right in our classrooms. A third of the musicians are county residents, too.


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UPAF: Art at the heart of who we are

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