Biz Times Pens Article “UPAF to honor Al Jarreau at 50th anniversary event”

UPAF to honor Al Jarreau at 50th anniversary event

Milwaukee-native jazz vocalist was UPAF supporter

The United Performing Arts Fund will show a special video filmed by jazz legend Al Jarreau as part of an event celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary while launching its annual fundraising campaign on March 6.

Jarreau, a Milwaukee-native, died on Feb. 12.

Before he passed away this past fall, Jarreau went on camera for UPAF to articulate how the tremendous impact the performing arts can have on young lives in a short video the organization put together in advance of the 50th anniversary event.

UPAF will show the video on March 6 and pay homage to the seven-time Grammy-winner.

A year before he died, Jarreau wrote an opinion piece about the importance of supporting the arts and arts education in local schools.

“Music is my passion and my motivation,” he wrote. “It is most important that we assure that figure generations of Milwaukee children have the same opportunity that I had to participate in the performing arts. The work of UPAF, and that of each of its donors, are a force for positive change, and that is worthy of our support.”

UPAF’s 50th Anniversary Campaign Launch will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater on March 6. The event will feature performance from UPAF charter member groups and light hors d’oeuvres.

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