UPAF and Insomnia Cookies’ “Cookies for a Cause” Hits a Sweet Spot

Cookies for a Cause

UPAF’s “Cookies for a Cause” event hit a sweet spot. We partnered up with Insomnia Cookies to provide free cookies over the lunch hour on June 7th. CBS 58 covered the event.

“Insomnia cookies was giving away free freshly-baked cookies on Tuesday afternoon.

They were camped out at the Chase Plaza around lunch time handing out free cookies.

Insomnia cookies, which is new to Milwaukee’s east side, teamed up with the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) for the cookie giveaway.

UPAF’s campaign to collect donations ends next week and they hope for one final boost.

Free cookie coupons were also handed out to those who stopped by this afternoon.”

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