Players Are Wanted for Ben Johnston’s Works. Some Sacrifice Is Required.

Players Are Wanted for Ben Johnston’s Works. Some Sacrifice Is Required.

Now the work is available on a CD that the Kepler Quartet released hard on the heels of the composer’s 90th birthday in March. The album, which also contains Mr. Johnston’s sixth and eighth quartets and a short piece for voice and strings called “Quietness,” marks the completion of one of the most ambitious and single-minded recording projects in American music. The Kepler players — the violinists Sharan Leventhal and Eric Segnitz, the violist Brek Renzelman and the cellist Karl Lavine — dedicated the better part of the past 14 years to learning and recording all of Mr. Johnston’s 10 quartets. The sixth alone took them a year and a half to master.”

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NY Times Article on Present Music Violinist Eric Segnitz


“It has been really inspiring for me to watch Eric Segnitz, one of Present Music’s most treasured musicians, undertake a recording project of such incredible music.  He had a vision and stuck to it and made sacrifices for this vision over a very long period of time.  It is largely because of Eric’s leadership that the world now has incomparable recordings of Ben Johnston’s extraordinary music for all time.”

–          Kevin Stalheim, founder and artistic director of Present Music

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