UNITE with UPAF Collaborative

The UNITE with UPAF Collaborative began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to energize UPAF’s fundraising efforts and entertain in the process. Our community needs the arts more than ever before as a point of connection, expression and respite. 

As much as we need the arts, our local arts groups need us to help them through. UPAF Member Groups project an $8.3M loss due to canceled performances, fundraising events and closed academies and schools.

The UNITE with UPAF Collaborative is a community-wide effort to sustain UPAF Member Groups that drive positive change, foster an open dialogue and inspire hope, in addition to educating for than 100,000 children each year. 

Your generosity and support of the UNITE with UPAF Collaborative will help alleviate the struggles of UPAF Member Groups and the artists that bring the best in music, dance and theater to life. 

Through the UNITE with UPAF Collaborative, UPAF and its Member Groups have also joined together to offer virtual arts experiences during this time when in-person entertainment and educational opportunities are not widely available.

UNITE with UPAF also featured a live event on May 7 that allowed more than 60 performers and community leaders to share their talent or an uplifting message during the broadcast.