Workplace Giving

Host a Workplace Giving Campaign and raise money to support the performing arts in your community!

Whether you’re a small business, large corporation, or a nonprofit, you can join over 200 local businesses and organizations that are making a difference through their UPAF Workplace Giving Campaigns.



What is a Workplace Giving Campaign?

A Workplace Giving Campaign is an organized, company-sponsored fundraising drive where employees are asked to contribute to UPAF.

  • Workplace Giving Campaigns make it easy for employees to give – through payroll deduction. A gift can be made over the course of a year  or at one time.


  • UPAF will assign your company a Loaned Executive to help with your program. We’ll also provide your company coordinator (Workplace Giving Ambassador) with brochures, pledge forms, speakers, performers, show tickets or other incentives that will help make your campaign a success. It’s an easy, fun, rewarding and cost-effective way to support the arts.


Why host a UPAF Workplace Giving Campaign?                      

It’s good for business!

Being a good corporate citizen increases employee engagement and employee engagement reduces employee turnover. This directly affects your bottom line.


It’s better for employees!

A UPAF Workplace Giving Campaign is an innovative way to build strong teams by allowing employees from different levels and department come together for a common cause. It’s also a way to identify a company’s emerging leaders and give them the recognition they deserve.


It’s great for the community!

The performing arts have a profound effect on our quality of life. They strengthen our economy, showcase world-class entertainment and provide arts education programming to our children.


2020 Baird Award for Workplace Giving – Rockwell Automation

This annual award recognizes one company that excels in the following areas:

    • Active involvement by CEO
    • Encouragement of Leadership giving
    • Increased employee participation
    • Growth in company’s median gift
    • Encouragement of new donors

    UPAF Staff and Loaned Executives review campaign activity and the awardee is recognized at the UPAF Campaign Finale.


    We’d like to thank and acknowledge the companies and organizations that hosted Workplace Giving Campaigns for the UPAF Campaign.

    Click here to find a listing of these generous businesses!



How do you get started setting up a Workplace Giving Campaign?

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