Art Impacts Our Economy

A strong arts scene means a strong economy.

In Greater Milwaukee, the event-related spending by arts and culture audiences was almost $80 million (excluding the cost of admission) in the most recent Arts & Economic Prosperity study conducted by Americans for the Arts (in 2010). And total industry expenditures, adding the direct economic activity of the arts and culture organizations in Southeastern Wisconsin, was almost $300 million.


 A community with a rich arts culture helps keep top talent in our region, and  that’s good for businesses seeking an educated, committed workforce. When businesses bring  workers in from other regions, or decide to relocate to Southeastern Wisconsin, our  performing arts scene and variety of arts programs for children are major selling points.

The performing arts enhance our quality of life making Greater Milwaukee a place people  want to live and work in.



Quick Facts:

Total wages in creative industries within the Greater Milwaukee region.

Growth of performing arts between 2002 – 2009.

Total jobs locally that are related to the performing arts.

Jobs in the creative industries in the Greater Milwaukee region.

$93 Million
Total wages in the performing arts in the Greater Milwaukee region. 

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